We use only Pure Extracts, which is noted in the intense flavor of each and every Biscotti.
Juliana's Famous Tender Biscotti
"Biscotti At Its Best"
Never Any Imitations!
Each Biscuit is Handcrafted with the most Important Ingredient of all, Passed on by my Grandmother.
You will note it in the Texture, the Flavor and the Satisfaction of
every Bite.
"Grandma's Original" is Chocolate Almond Anise, which began with my my Grandmother Julia, many years ago.They are wonderful with a warm cup of coffee or tea or as my Grandfather loved to do.... Dip them in your favorite Red Wine and let the flavors come ALIVE!!
I have recently added two more Recipes for your enjoyment.
"DARK Chocolate Cherry Almond"
Also wonderful with coffee, tea or a glass of "Vino".
"Peppermint White Chocolate"
Which is really a "Hit" with the youngsters and a warm cup of Cocoa.
I hope you enjoy them as much as my family has over the years!
Stay Tuned for more Great Recipes to come.
HMMM .... What will it be??
"Blueberry Pecan White Chocolate"
A Great Breakfast Biscuit!